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Welcome to the 90th International FICC Rally in Spain

Campers from all over the World will have the opportunity to go back to Spain in 2021 and discover its many treasures, both natural and cultural, thanks to the 90th International F.I.C.C. Rally that will be organised by Federación Española de Clubes Campistas (F.E.C.C.) at Camping Santa Tecla near A Guarda (Pontevedra – Galicia) from 3rd to 12th September.


A Guarda is a city in the southwest of Galicia, accessible by road from Tuy PO-552 and from Bayona, and from Caminha by ferry. It is 50 kms from Vigo and 120 kms from Santiago de Compostela.The rally organisers are preparing a very rich program in the excellent and beautiful Santa Tecla campsite where campers from all ages can enjoy the many and varied activities that are being arranged but also go on some unforgettable excursions visiting the surrounding area.I would like to express our sincerest thanks to the organisers,.


The Federación Española de Clubes Campistas, to the sponsors who are supporting this F.I.C.C. Rally and to all those many volunteers who are preparing a very enjoyable Rally for us.In these very strange times that we are living through, it is open air activities such as camping that have gained in popularity.


 It is the behaviour of campers, the respect they have for each other and the different cultures they represent and for the natural world around them that is all-important and this ensures that we can still lead our lives in a responsible way, continuing to attend our special rallies and meet up with friends from so many countries.


On behalf of the F.I.C.C. I give you all a hearty welcome to this Rally and it is my personal belief that all camping, caravanning and motorcaravanning enthusiasts will take great memories back home from this beautiful venue.I wish you all a friendly and safe stay in Spain!


Dear guests of the 90th FICC Rally:

The FEDERACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE CLUBES CAMPISTAS wishes you a warm welcome to the 90th FICC Rally, which will take place in Spain, Galicia, in the city of A Guarda, at Camping Santa Tecla.

I am sure that you will have a pleasant stay and that you will enjoy unforgettable days, having the opportunity to meet up with old friends and meet new ones.

Thus, the FECC, has prepared a careful programme with tourist activities, such as excursions, sports and cultural events, in addition to the gastronomic offer in Galicia which is always first and foremost.

On behalf of the FEDERACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE CLUBES CAMPISTAS, I invite you to participate in this 90th FICC Rally and wish you a cheerful stay.



The celebration of the 90th FICC Rally 2021 in the Council of A Guarda is excellent news for the town and for the entire Province of Pontevedra for various reasons.

The election of the FICC demonstrates the muscle and quality of services and facilities that campers enjoy in this territory.

The Rias Bajas (a part of the coastal area of Galicia) are a paradise for the beauty of its coasts, its interior, its islands and people who do camping fall in love with the Province when they discover it.

People who come to the International Rally in 2021 will be able to get an idea of this territory with a simple view from Mount Santa Tecla between the millenary walls of the Galician Neolithic Fortified Settlement.

During your stay you will taste the exquisite products of the sea, the land and its vines. Landscapes, Gastronomy, Culture, Heritage, fishing villages and two of the routes of the Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James).

We want to show the world our Rías Bajas and this International FICC Rally will be a great showcase to project this unique land.




Welcome to the 90th  FICC Rally 2021

Welcome to the 90th FICC Rally 2021

It is an honor to be able to address you on the occasion of the 90th International FICC Rally. It is a great milestone for the tourism department

of A Guarda city that the Rally takes place in our town and a pleasure for us to collaborate in such a unique event.

I am sure your choice for the organization of the Rally is not accidental. It

is influenced, among other things, by the fact that we have a campsite in one of the most beautiful natural environments in Galicia, right at the mouth of the Miño river. A space that belongs to the Natura 2000 network

and that is classified as a Special Bird Protection Zone due to its ornithological wealth.

We boast of being a welcoming town and we want you to feel at home.

Here you can find nature, culture and heritage. A unique example of our nature is the very mouth of the Miño river, where the campsite is located,

in a wetland of great environmental wealth. Moving downstream, you can enjoy O Muíño river beach integrated in a pine forest and a path which runs along the Atlantic coast to the fishing port and the small maritime cove of  a journey to enjoy walking.

If what interests you is culture and heritage, you can visit our assets of cultural interest, the Castle of Santa Cruz, in the heart of the city and the Galician Neolithic fortified settlements of Mount Santa Trega, the largest in the northwest of Spain. In the mountains you will have the opportunity to enjoy our spectacular landscapes in one of the most important tourist attractions in Galicia.

 To complete your stay with us, I also recommend a visit to the port and the town center.

In addition to the points of interest such as the old wall, the Spanish emigrant houses, the maritime façade or the historic center, our shops and restaurants, our people preserve that flavour of a fishing village in which the rhythm, the leisurely and familiar aroma of the towns can still be appreciated.

Enjoy your stay with us, if you let yourself be carried away, this magical atmosphere that enchanted Neolithic Fortified Settlements and Romans will also leave an indelible mark on you.

 We invite you to enjoy A Guarda.


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